A blog about nothing in particular

Welcome to my personal blog. I post things here that I hope other people will find useful. Bits of code, recipes, interesting adventures in home brewing or just homeownership in general. Nothing is off-limits and hopefully you’ll find something that interests you too!

I currently work as a front-end engineer for radius180 in Cherry Hill, NJ. I work almost exclusively with JavaScript, using Backbone.js, in concert with Marionette.js, and a number of helper libraries. I’m also pretty handy with CSS and front-end UI frameworks, including working with Bootstrap and HTML 5 Boilerplate. I’ve also worked with both Less and Sass CSS preprocessors. In the past, I’ve also done extensive work with Drupal, ExpressionEngine, and vanilla PHP.

Geeky Stuff

This blog is powered by Jekyll Bootstrap 3 using Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.3 and hosted on GitHub’s incredible GitHub Pages platform. The entire source code for this site is available on GitHub as well.